Dasan Networks V8240 is a modular OLT concentrator operating in GPON (ITU G.984.4) standard. With 7U size it fits in standard 19" rack.

V8240 offers "pay-as-you grow" model - you buy additional cards only when you need it.


V8240 allows you to:

  • install two switching units (Switching Fabric Unit) in order to ensure redundancy as well as possibility to upgrade firmware without restarting device
  • install up to 40 GPON OLTs ports, which allows to connect up to 5120 subscribers (assuming 1:128 split)
  • use cards with GPON ports protection - to ensure high availability of services
  • install 2 cards with uplink ports, each card is equipped with 4 1G SFP ports and 2 10GbE XFP ports
  • install 2 hot-pluggable DC (-48V) power supplies in order to provide redundancy

With full redundancy of all modules, device is suitable for operating in places where constant presence of services is strictly required. It is worth to underline that V8240 is the only device on market which firmware can be upgraded without restart.

296Gbps switching capacity and 220Mpps throughput based on non-blocking architecture lets you to provide most advanced services. Maximally device can operate on 4 XFP (10Gbit) ports and 8 SFP (1G) ports.

V8240 has 10 SIU (Service Interface Unit) slots for GPON cards eg. 4-port GPON OLT card for SFP B+ or C+ transceivers, which makes up to 40 GPON ports in most advanced scenario.

V8240 has full L2 and L3 functionality. It perfectly handles multicast traffic using IGMP Snooping or PIM-SM protocol.

OLT management can be done by CLI console, INAS software, SNMP, or HTTP interface. Device has been also integrated with external management and provisioning system like LMS.

Maximum power consumption (when all cards are installed) is 330W.