GPON OLT v8106
Dasan Networks v8106

The V8106 is a 6RU height chassis PON Optical Line Termination (OLT) supporting 96 GPON ports as well as a Layer 3 switch of supporting 8 uplink 1/10GbE ports. It terminates the traffic coming from the subscriber lines and consolidates it on one or more Gigabit Ethernet interfaces towards the metropolitan area. The V8106 is a carrier class equipment, fully redundant, in a modular and high capacity architecture with 6 interface unit slots. These 6 slots can be used for subscriber interface units and two uplink interface units for full redundancy architecture. This is a substantial factor for aggregation switches to perform continuous traffic forwarding to core network without failure. It is a high-density chassis system that supports up to 12,288 residential and business subscribers with 96 GPON ports (1:128 split ratio). It also provides simultaneous services of GPON, XG-PON and Gigabit Ethernet. V8106 features flexible and high capacity PON access and 10GbE uplinks, scalability and line rate performance with a 640Gbps non-blocked switch fabric. 


  • L3 routing

  • Support of 16-port GPON cards, totaly 96 GPON ports

  • 6 slot for XG-PON or GPON

  • maximum number of 12 288 ONT's can be connected (1:128 split) 

  • 8 uplink port SFP/SFP+ supports 1G/10G

  • 6U size in 19" rack

  • 780W maximum power consumption

  • Operating Temp: -25C to +55C 

  • Cooling from right to left (no additional space in rack needed