Electrical Multiplexers

Multiplexers and interface converters offered by FIBRAIN company provide cost-effective transportation of Ethernet over PDH/SDH infrastructure of microwave links. Our products allow connection of electrical and optical Ethernet interfaces using up to sixteen E1 channels aggregating their band.

Ethernet over E1/E3 family of devices can be used for a wide range of applications, including 3G and WiMAX services transportation over existing SDH/PDH networks or E1/E3 microwave links, providing data connectivity for enterprises over PDH/SDH infrastructure, providing backup radio connections in power automation systems, as well as extending ISPs Ethernet services to their customers over radio links.

What's more, all devices are made in Poland.


E1 16x 8x 4x 4x 1x​ 1xE3 1x
Line code HDB-3
120Ohm E1 impedance
Local Interface Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet Fast Ethernet Fast Ethernet Fast Ethernet Fast Ethernet Fast Ethernet
+ RS/232/485
Line Interface 16x E1 8x E1 4x E1 4x E1 1x E1 1x E3 1x E1
VLAN: 802.1Q
Flow control function
Remote management
QoS support

* - optional
​**- could be adjust to client requirements