Training and Education

Fibrain understand that competence is the key to successful deployment. That's why together with our vendors we provide not only equipment but as well knowledge to our customers. This help adopt new technologies which can bring economic benefit to customers companies.

Training modules:

-          FTTH and GPON Fundamentals path

o    Optical Distribution Network requirements and possible way to design it

o    Spliters technology

o    Optical Power Budget calculation

o    GPON and BBF standards related to FTTH

o    CATV overlay

o    GPON for Business Subscribers

o    Upgrade to XG-PON or 10G-EPON

o    Passive Optical LAN

o    GPON in the industrial application

o    GPON Interoperability

-          GPON Administrator path

o    Software upgrade for OLT and ONT

o    Auto-Upgrade for ONT’s with exception list

o    Configuration for Triple-Play services

§  High-Speed Internet

§  IPTV multicast with ACL, IGMP Proxy or snooping

§  VoIP based on SIP

§  CATV with based on CATV overlay

o    Rate-limiting on the ONT’s

o    GPON ONT Provisioning methods:


§  XML/Text

§  Service Profile


o    ONT monitoring

o    OLT features:

§  LACP and Link Aggregation

§  Loop Detect and MSTP

§  Routing: OSPF and PIM-SM

o    Security

o    Troubleshooting