GPON xWDM overlay


Thanks to Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) we can on same fiber deploy several technologies as like GPON or EPON, XG-PON or 10GE-PON, 1G Point-to-Point, 10G Point-to-Point, FiberChannel, E1, CPRI/ OBSAI etc.

You don’t have to worry about Rogue ONT as xWDM operate on different wavelength. GPON ONT’s will not be affected as well with other type of connection because they have built-in Wavelength Blocking Filter (WBF). These mean GPON complaint terminal can receive only 1490nm (+/- 10nm).

WDM overlay enable to deploy Mobile Backhaul solution on same fiber without baring the cost of integration of GPON infrastructure in RAN division. These lead to saving and simplification as different division in Telco they don’t have to integrate and monitor GPON access technology. They can utilize existing technology by just moving into CWDM or DWDM.

Fibrain offer complete portfolio including MUX/DMUX, Optical Add/Drop, triplexers, circulators, cwdm/dwdm optical transceivers, that can be used in xWDM overlay.