Fiber / xPON access solution for business subscriber

In today world ISP or Telco has to face that demand from the residential subscribers for the service are almost the same as Small or Medium size Business. Reliability for subscribers class equipment are higher than ever before. As business and residential subscribers are mixed in same neighbourhood nowadays why not consider same technology to satisfy both types of customer?

Savvy ISP and Telcos already realize that GPON is good enough not only for residential access but as well for connecting business subscribers. What is more they keep them on same OLT port. 

Most of the business require SLA that can be achieved easily as fiber access technology in comparison to mircowave access or cooper type of technology has material advantages on that matter. Selected Telcos that own Mobile operators too used GPON not only for business access but also Mobile Backhaul. These can be a prove the GPON is mature to connect SMB subscribers. 

To keep high level of reliability PON network for business subscriber has to be well designed and installed to avoid potential risk of failure from passive part. Operator can use protection defined by FSAN if he fill it’s necessary but also can use special types of innovative Fibrain passive infrastructure parts that limit the risk of fiber cuts or failure.

GPON can guarantee upstream SLA (thanks to T-CONT).


xPON can be combined with below technology to increase reliability or speed:

  • WDM overlay as like DWDM or CWDM overlay
  • GPON with XG-PON1 on same fiber
  • Protection / Fiber path redundancy


Today’s GPON ONT feature enabled them to be used as Ethernet Demarcation Device (EDD) or Business Class CPE. Milestone is also GPON Stick which is SFP with build-in GPON chipset that can be plugged to customer CPE. 


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