Legacy Cabling Solution based on G.Fast and FTTDp

G.Fast (G.9700 / G.9701)

Internet speeds in most of the European homes are much lower than the ones set by the EU H2020 (Digital Agenda) objectives. FTTH is ultimate solution for residential access in the eyes of many experts. In few well developed countries it’s also too expensive for installation or it takes too much time to install due to civil works cost and local regulation for fiber installation. FTTH massive deployment in most of the European countries is impossible so many operators prefer to focus on incremental upgrades. 

Obviously Fiber has it’s advantages over telephone wiring that was used maybe even for VDSL2 but does these mean Telcos should replace all the cooper or forget about it? In certain circumstance it’s impossible or uneconomical.

Perfect example is when subscriber lives in historical districts as like old town in Cracow that is protected under Heritage and Conservation Officer that hinder FTTH investments. In that case operator should focus on latest innovation for legacy cabling.

Another example is that subscribers usually refuse new cabling in house and they are reluctant when some drill their walls. To solve that many passive optical vendors including Fibrain offer almost invisible ultra bend-intensive fiber inhouse cabling.

Above fact force ITU-T task group dedicated to fiber to the distribution point (FTTDp) to develop G.FAST solution that allow to offer almost gigabit service to subscriber over legacy telephone wiring but also via coax.

Key advantages of G.FAST is Reverse Power Feeding (RPF) that cut the OPEX comparing to VDSL. In these scenario G.FAST MDU can be powered from subscriber outlet via dedicated CPE. Single CPE is enough to power-up MDU for several customers. Also in our offer You can find fanless G.FAST MDU that can be mounted close to customer (example: stairways) as their don’t generate noise. Fanless architecture reduce also failure in future and prolong life of the equipment. 

There are number of G.Fast advantages except those above mentioned:

·         Fallback to ADSL2+/VDSL2

·         Up/down ratio can be configurable by DBA/DTA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation or Dynamic Timing Allocation)

·         Can be complementary to GPON deployment and be managed from same location

·         Still under development to offer higher throughput or distance


At the same time other organization/vendors works on G.hn (G.9960) that can be economical alternative to newer G.FAST for short distance access that offer up to 500Mb/s. One of the example if G.now which is property solution from Marvell.

Both G.Fast and G.hn can be used as enterprise access solution in Dormitories, Hotels, Business parks that cut the cost of cooper


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