Residential Broadband Solution

Internet Boom is not over yet. In Europe and around the World they are still many homes waiting for their fixed-line connection with ultrafast broadband. New bandwidth challenges comes from IoT device, streaming, OTT, Cloud services and other. In past year many ISP targets 30Mb/s or 100Mb/s. Now everyone understand that 1G to subscriber is the new mainstream. 

Customer expectation are higher year by year. But the biggest threat for fixed line Telcos and ISP is LTE or 5G. Most of subscriber consume content over smartphone or tablet in these dates so why they have to pay for fixed line now? There is no easy answer for sure and as always there are prons and cons. The biggest advantages of fixed line comparing to mobile internet access is unlimited data that can be downloaded and send, reliability, latency, upload speed. Issue is, does the subscriber understand those arguments? For sure not every subscriber understand it now but it will experience difficult with 4G or 5G soon. Therefore ISP and Telcos has to offer superior services but also they have to balance between the OPEX and CAPEX these days.  

Fibrain offer several technologies for delivering ultrafast broadband for residential subscribers as like:

  • GPON
  • GPON + G.Fast
  • FTTB based on Ethernet switches as MDU with Carrier Class CPE
  • FTTH PtP or Active Optical Ethernet


Both for active equipment and passive solution we can deliver turn-key solution by combining offer from world leading active equipment vendors with our inhouse passive production. Therefore satisfaction is guarantee.