HL-GSFP is a GPON ONT hidden in SFP transceiver and called GPON STICK. HL-GSFP can act as GPON Demarcation Device and is designed to provide affordable access to FTTH networks for Business and Residential use. The products use a single fiber to connect individual houses or businesses to the network for broadband services.

It can be used in any switch (L2/L3), router, CPE or any other device which has SFP port. This gives the possibility to connect to GPON network devices like IP DSLAM, CCTV cameras, mobile backhaul devices, WiMAX base stations and others.

GPON STICK can operate at an extended temperature range (-40 ~ 85℃ ) so it can be used in locations where restricted environmental conditions are important.

All products within the GPON family comply with current ITU-T standards for gigabit passive optical networks (GPONs). The network interface is compliant with ITU-T G.984.5 to provide 2.5 Gb/s downstream and 1.25 Gb/s upstream. LAN interface provides Gigabit service. The solution is designed to optimize the deployment and roll-out of the service provider. The flexible product design enables a variety of product features and available interfaces. All units have Layer 2 functionality by default. This includes advanced support for L2 VLAN’s, L2 QoS and Multicast IGMP.

The ONT/ONU products are tested and have proven interoperability with most major GPON OLT Vendors:

  1. Huawei all OLT's including MA5600, MA5683T and MA5800 OLT series
  2. Nokia / Alcatel-Lucent ISAM GPON OLT (including FX-4)
  3. ZTE all OLT including C320 and C220
  4. DASAN Zhone Solution V-Series OLTs
  5. Ubiquoss
  6. Fiberhome
  7. Cisco / Altice
  8. Raisecom
  9. Zyxel

These model can be used as an alternative to:

  • Huawei MA5671A


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