Case Study: GPON technology in professional training centre

The growing popularity of GPON technology makes it applicable in many industries. What’s interesting, in each place GPON works faultlessly. Therefore, the education sector is another area where GPON solutions have been successfully used.

At present, GPON is actually the most popular FTTH network architecture in France. The possibility to use it in the education sector was spotted by schools and universities in France, both public and private ones.

With our French partner we prepare professional trainings whose aim is to educate next generation of network specialists. We have already implemented approximately 25 DASAN OLTs configuration on French education market.

The last project in which DASAN devices were implemented concerned one of the biggest French professional training centres.  4-port V5812G OLT and a few pieces of GPON ONTs with different configurations have been used there. Additionally, what is also important, a number of GPON ports in OLT was right for their requirements – devices will be used for trainings in which approx. 200 listeners take part every year. The most popular configuration, used for a learning purpose, is  1 OLT with 2 ONT devices.  The ONTs support different configurations for example NAT + VoIP, or – the most popular – Triple Play which includes NAT, VoIP, IPTV with IPv4 and IPv6 support.

The great advantage of the system, offered by our partner, was its pre-configuration of devices, delivered with completed documentation. The customer received prepared and ready to work equipment. What’s more, customer had also the possibility to participate in the specifically designed product trainings. Their main subject concerned products configuration and other relevant information about GPON technology. 

Certainly, GPON technology is special. It can work very well in ISPs networks and also in LAN networks, where the concept of Passive LAN Networks (POLAN) has already started gaining more attention. Undoubtedly, the world market is waiting for the PON specialists. Thanks to FIBRAIN offer, education centres receive ready solutions, which are great learning tool for professionals.