GPON SFP C+ MAX - the newest module in our offer!
June 19, 2017
Dear Customers!
We would like to announce that we have in our offer new GPON module - C+MAX. The biggest advantages of our new transceiver is extended output power, in which range is from +6 to +10 dBm. Thanks to that we could increase our optical power budget, so it is great solution for location/customers which currently have signal on the edge of ONT GPON sensitivity - around -28 dBm. Additionally, transceiver can be program to be comply with devices from many vendors like Cisco, Zhone, ALU or others.
Detailed information about GPON SFP C+MAX module You can find on our website:
Our Sales Representatives are at your disposal.
We cordinally invite You to check the new transceiver!