Fibrain FSR-R2 router is designed to be installed in end user apartment where fast access to internet and modern, interactive IP television is required. FSR-R2 also perfectly fits to apartments which so far has not been connected to IPTV network but such service is to be provided in future. Application of Fibrain router significantly lowers cost of setting up such service and shortens installation time. FSR-R2 is an integrated end user device with highly efficient architecture, ready to work in New Generation Networks. Using one UTP cable terminated with RJ45 connector in end user's apartment fully fits in converged IP networks model.


FSR-R2 has:

- 4 LAN 10/100 ports

- 1 WAN 10/100 ports

- possibility to configure VLANs on ports

- two login credentials (one for ISP)

- WiFi b/g/n 300Mb/s