Menara Networks chosen by INEA
December 4, 2013

INEA, a leading telecommunications company operating primarily in Wielkopolska region in Poland, implemented  OTN XFP modules of Menara Networks brand in their networks. Krzysztof Frąckowiak – a manager responsible for investments explains why Inea company  is interested in the solution based on a quasi-OTN transponders : "We were looking for a  solution which is not only a cost effective one, but also enables us to combine 10G transmission in the longer links with higher attenuation than typical 10G connections. One option was to use optical amplifiers and dispersion compensation, but this approach would mean higher capital and operating costs, and required a lot of space in the server rooms. Instead, OTN XFP modules with more than 28 dB power budget and increased resistance to chromatic dispersion (with in-built Forward Error Correction code) proved to be very powerful and effective solution. "