MMS has integrated DASAN GPON solutions

Thanks to GPON support in MMS software, providers gain simple method for authentication (provisioning) and billing subscribers basing on Dasan Networks products for Triple-Play services: television, internet, telephone. Customer Service Department gets simple tool for adding, managing and monitoring subscribers, that is why technical personnel is not engaged in customer service.

MMS is a system prepared by FORWEB to simplify work in companies providing internet, VoIP and IPTV access. MMS is useb by over 50 ISPs in Poland. It is desired for small and medium sized providers regardless provider's technology, offered services, discounts or number of subscribers. It allows contracts and annexes management, invoicing automation with billing and payment control and failures management.

MMS system is easy in use and has broad configuration capabilities. Modular design allows easy system extension with new functionalities. Thanks to additional modules: VoIP, hosting, DNS, traffic logging, backup and QoS router there are several functionalities available, eg. complex VoIP tariff, client gates remote configuration, preparing monthly billings, email, www, ftp accounts and domains management, access tp statistics and monitoring system, system backup, networks and traffic management.

MMS is another polish system which makes Dasan GPON provisioning easier.

More information about MMS can be found on website: