LMS - graphical GPON network management system

Dasan Networks distributor, Elmat, as first in Poland has released GPON extension to popular LMS system. GPON module was integrated using SNMP with Dasan Networks products, allowing to monitor GPON network and manage clients by Customer Service Department.

LMS extension gives provider such features:

  • OLT device status check (active ports, devices temperature, power supply and fan status, optical transceiver TX power)
  • Profiles edition in OLT device eg: VLAN, CoS (QoS, ports on/off)
  • Bandwidth limitation – Dasan GPON ONTs offer bandwidth limitation, you do not have to worry about BRAS performance
  • Connected ONTs and assigned profiles preview
  • Possibility to add and configure ONT to OLT without previous connecting to network or configuring OLT port – PREPROVISIONIG
  • Defining IPTV channels from any provider and monitoring which channel is being watched on specific ONT
  • Monitoring clients' ONTs eg: where is STB connected, MAC addresses on ONT ports , VoIP gateways registered
  • Editing single OLT setup eg: changing profile/tariff, description, device restart, possibility to modify setup of each port
  • Passive network monitoring regarding attenuation changes
  • Possibility to add specific functionality depending on client's needs

This extension makes implementing GPON in provider's network much faster and does not load technical personnel with work. Easier tasks are done by Customer Service Department.

Elmat engineers offer devices implementation in company. Further management can be done through LMS by personnel having only basic knowledge about GPON technology.

LMS extension is available free of charge for each customer who will decide to implement GPON technology with Dasan Networks devices.