CaMan – TVK/ISP Network Management System with GPON module

CaMan system vendor prepared networ management module based on Dasan Networks GPON devices.Communication with OLT device is done by SNMP protocol.

CaMan allows to diagnose GPON network (checking ONT status, parameters and profile and generating summaries of working devices in defined areas or buildings).

Development works regarding expanding system functionalities with DASAN devices full configuration in graphical mode are in progress.

CaMan is expanded network and subscribers management system with following functionalities:

·         Customer Service Department: agreements, annexes, finances, reports

·         Order flow, service requests

·         Network documentation

·         DOCSIS networks management and provisioning

·         PLI-CBD support

·         CONAX Conditional Access Sytem support

·         VoIP iqCST interoperation

·         ...and many more.


System works as web application for Mozilla Firefox browser with friendly user interface and ability to access from any place with internet access.

CaMan system is dedicated for medium sized ISP but it is also suitable for smaller networks. It also has unique feature - supporting many providers in one installation when IT department is outsourced.

More information about CaMan system you can find on website: