Quasi-transponders OTN Menara Networks
December 18, 2012
One of the leading national operators Exatel company, has implemented in their networks quasi-transponder OTN XFP Menara Networks solutions.

The Menara Networks solution takes advantage of 10G OTN transmission without the need to use DWDM OTN platform, by integrating the OTN chipset and FEC encoder inside the module which is fully compatible with MSA XFP specification. In this way, each switch or router with 10G optical ports can be used to design IPoDWDM network, in a similar way, you can also upgrade e.g. SDH multiplexers to support OTN transmission. OTN Quasi-transponders of Menara Networks brand are available with DWDM tunable non-tunable laser.
Fibrain company is the exclusive Polish representative of Menara Networks on the Polish market.